Week 10 – The Sushi

I’m on a roll here (ooh, proof-reading makes me notice the totally unintended but intentionally left-in cheesy pun there 😀), there’s been a bit of a backlog as I’m actually at 12+0 while writing this just now. 😉

The Sushi. I’m not so sure I’ll be able to crave something more than this. Thankfully, we are in the land of relatively cheap but yummy Whole Foods Sushi, so it’s all good. Oh, and so you don’t get all judgemental on me here, it’s of course sushi with avocado, cucumbers and cooked shrimp. Baby is only maki-sized yet, but my husband eats all the nigiri in less than a minute anyway, so we’ll look for a different food then. 🙂

Pregnancy-wise, the nausea has subsided even more, and standing up I think I can start noticing a little teensy-weensy bump. Disappears when lying down though, especially when all honest attempts at trying to not tuck in my tummy during bikini-belly-pics fail.

Aside from me being quite self-conscious (why show your bikini-nonbaby-belly online, crazy pregnant lady??) it was again quite difficult to keep the darn roll whole while taking pictures. We thought we’d be safe as DD has so far steered far away from anything wrapped in algae, but no. The second picture clearly shows the damage, and after we finished she stuffed the whole thing in her mouth and happily chewed away. I guess life will only get more expensive from now on. 😀

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