Week 12 – The Lady Apple

I don’t know why they’re called lady apples, but oh well. They look cute, and they are the perfect size for baby in week 12. I bought a couple the week before, thinking we may do a shoot earlier in the week. But by the time we got ready to think of where to do the pics, we noticed that all little lady apples had been nibbled at. Mice? Could be. Unlikely. DD? She admitted it straight-away without even batting an eyelash. But who can get mad at her for wanting to eat apples, right? 😀

We went hiking this weekend and lugged us all up to the top of a pretty high hill (in my humble pregnant opinion), and seeing as how I was already carrying all 26.5 lbs of DD on my back, I was glad that we are only at week 11. Imagine having to lug a water melon with you while hiking! Will need to find less remote spots for the later weeks. Then again, remote is good, so noone can see me making a fool of myself trying to balance as straight as possible on a rock, an apple on my belly, and DD on the side so she wouldn’t fall off the ledge. It didn’t help when my husband kindly requested that I please stop breathing so he could focus. I’m actually not sure if I was exhaling-because-cracking-up or if my belly really has grown that much. It sure feels like it, and I’ve started to rubberband my  tight pants instead of buttoning them.

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