Week 15 – The Bell Pepper

This past week has been pretty crazy for all of us as DD started kindergarden, so there’s not much to report. We do get asked a lot how our daughter deals with my growing belly (which has started to blow up again in a ballon-like fashion as the week progresses), so maybe I’ll take the time in this otherwise uneventful week to write about that. 😉

She does seem to realize that there is, in fact, a baby in my belly. Maybe this is because a lot of our friends have had kids in the past weeks, so we’ve definitely had to explain some huge bellies popping up, suddenly to be exchanged for little squirmish but cute babies. Our daughter is in  ♥ with babies, and always makes us go up to strangers’ car seats and strollers and babies snuggled in wraps to ask if she can touch it. Not embarrassing at ALL! 😉 Regarding our baby, she’s explained to us in a very serious tone of voice that the baby will be tiny. And it will need bebo to drink from. And Daddy will have to hold it, but very carefully. And when it’s sleeping, we will need to be quiet. She also makes sure that I take my prenatal vitamins, and occasionally will share chocolate treats, milk, or breakfast, lunch and dinner with the baby, feeding it either through my bellybutton, or through my mouth (“No sneaking, mommy!“). The other day we were shopping and she ran to the little tiny baby clothes section and chose a jacket. I bought it, she practically made me. 😉 So I guess there you have it, we already bought something for the baby, which we didn’t do for ages during the first pregnancy.

Sizewise, baby is now at 10 cm, which is the size of a small, not genetically manipulated organic yellow bell pepper. Unfortunately, weather has been drab and gray, so we did the shots inside…and a hint, don’t take the veggies out of the fridge 30 seconds before taking the pictures. COLD! Baby started kicking up a storm. 😀

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