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Week 19 – The Savoy Cabbage

Oooooh, doesn’t that sound fancy? Savoy cabbage…never heard the name before, but again, its plus-or-minus 15.2ish cm arrived in the organic veggie box we receive, so there we go. 😉 Just in case you wondered, we like to eat it with a creamy sauce and pasta, sometimes with shrimp. In case you didn’t wonder, now you know anyway. 😉
Otherwise, work has kept us both super-busy, which is why I’m behind in posting the pictures, and why this text is a bit on the short side. Also, there’s not much to write about as this pregnancy so far has been largely uneventful – I am so thankful for that! A bunch of my also-pregnant friends are suffering from hyperemesis (and I’m not even friends with THE Kate 😉 ), and just trying to imagine how they must feel day in, day out leaves me feeling very grateful for my mild three weeks of nauseau in the beginning. Still, hoping that I won’t have to pay my dues during the second half. Although, putting on socks and bending over to put on my shoes is becoming a bit difficult, so maybe I shouldn’t loudmouth so much about how easy going this is.

Again, I can’t believe how much bigger my belly is than first time around! 🙂 Granted, this week’s big ‘n round vegetable in comparison to last week’s rather skinny St. Nick looks as though the baby has fattened up quite a bit, but after it arrived in the food box, I was not going to go search for more food of the right size.

I already peeked ahead at next week, and seems that things get a bit wild. Baby is then no longer measured from head-to-rump, but from head-to-toe, which almost instantly adds on 9 cm. Never noticed that before, but this will open up a whole wide variety of foods to go bellypicturing with! 😀



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Week 18 – The Chocolate St. Nick

This week has been quite busy with both a midwife and an OB appointment this week, plus lead testing because there may be a very slim chance that the water line at my office is contaminated with lead. Don’t think it will be an issue, but as I’m pregnant, we thought it best to have the blood work done.

The baby is much more active than last week, and it was so great to be able to see him/her for a couple of minutes today! 🙂 Much more active than DD was, at least I don’t remember such vivid activity from the ultrasounds. DD always seemed to be sleeping or at least comfortably chillaxing in my belly, while this one is quite the little gymnast. Not that I mind. 😉

No exciting news on the gender question though, just as I was about to excitedly cry out “Oh, it’s a ..:” my OB stopped me and said, “No, might as well be a girl if you look from this angle.” Oh. Well then. 😀 I guess we’ll have to wait for the next appointment.

DD is already earning high marks on the big sister score card. The other day she had a chocolate cupcake that I really wasn’t against sharing. 😉 I asked her if I could share with her, and she nodded, smiled, and handed me this 0.5 mm sized chocolate morsel. Of course, grown-up that I am, I smiled and thanked her, and just as I was about to turn away, she calls me back so the baby can have some. About 3 cm worth of chocolate cupcake! Ha! That’s sisterly love. I made sure it enters my body through my mouth, as she sometimes tends to feed the baby by squishing food into my bellybutton. Yummy. 🙂

Speaking of yummy, food-of-the-week is a chocolate St. Nick (no, not a Santa – we ARE in Germany, and in a very Roman Catholic part at that 😀 ), who is only short by about 1 mm of the suggested 14 cm the baby has this week!

Before we head on to this week’s pictures, I have to apologize for the quality – we are entering a very busy stage (who isn’t, with Christmas coming up), and had about 4.3 minutes to take these pictures. Let’s hope next week we’ll have more time. 😉



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Week 17 – The Pear

12.7 cm, oh my! 😀 I think this is pretty crazy, but just like last week, I open our organic food box, and find two gigantonormous pears. One of them sized exactly 12.7 cm! During the past weeks they were tiny and more bite-sized, but I guess someone decided this was meant to be the food for the week. 🙂

This week has been mostly uneventful. Although, I do have this incredible urge to nest, and am driving DH insane with my need to organize stuff around the house (crazy pregnancy hormones do that to you 😉 ). The fact that he is a lark while I am an owl only makes things worse, as I start thinking up fun projects such as “Why don’t we get the ladder from the basement so we can finally change the batteries in the smoke detectors?”preferably at 10:30 pm. This translates to 1:30 am on my time, and yes, I understand why I get these flat-eyed blank stares rather than excited shouts of “Oh yay, let’s go do that right now!” Luckily, the ladder is not very heavy, and I’m not very pregnant yet, so I can still do stuff like that myself. 😉 He did climb up the ladder, so brownie points for that! 😀

Skin-tight jeans are becoming more difficult, so I’ll really need to check out some maternity wear for short people. Tipps, anyone?



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