The idea

A first collage


Just for the fun of it, a first overview of how this belly is growing! I always think the pictures aren’t that telling, but I sure see some growth happening there. 😉


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The idea

When I found out we were unexpectedly expecting our second child, a million thoughts immediately rushed in. Aside from the usual “oh my, there’s a second line!”-thoughts, I already felt bad that this pregnancy was most definitely not going to be as regally cherished as the first. This was something I’d already been dreading during the first pregnancy (talk about overthinking stuff! 😉 ) .To put my mind at ease while carrying Nr 1, I’d decided to have one special project for each child (hubby wants six of those, so gotta be creative 😉 ). We didn’t do any fancy artwork, no belly painting, no consistent belly pics, no time lapse videos (no idea how to put those together anyway), no belly casts. But I did have some belly pictures taken by an awesome photographer, and each Sunday as I would move forward to a new pregnancy week we read the appropriate place in our pregnancy book. Plus, there was nightly song-singing to the belly in the hopes that this would later turn out to be the all-comforting lullaby (didn’t work 😉 ), and we just spent LOTS of time thinking and talking about what and who was growing inside me.
Needless to say, when you have  a toddler prancing around the house, that doesn’t work anymore. Plus, this time around my pregnancy weeks move up on Tuesdays, which is just a weird day for us as we’re so  busy during the week with work and all. So, no book reading this time around, no song singing before bed time, and definitely way less talking and thinking about baby Nr. 2. Then again, that also means less worrying and less googling, so that can only be good! 🙂

Back to special pregnancy project. When I was putting together a ticker I couldn’t decide between these two:

And I guess you get where the idea for taking a picture with baby-sized food on my growing belly came from. 😉 So far, this has been lots of fun with trying to find the right-sized foods, although I do have to say we don’t stick to what the ticker suggests all the time. I just don’t like prunes, for example, so we did sushi that week, which I am craving tremendously during Round Nr 2. Coming to think of it, we only did the ticker-suggested fruit during the first week, but oh well! 😀

By the way, when I set up this blog, I googled to see if anyone had done something similar (and of course, in the wide world of the web, several people have 😉 ). So, if you like seeing fruit-n-veggies-the-size-of-a-baby, check out the awesome series done by the fabulous Carolee Beckham.

I LOVE her dresses and her picture-style! Heads-up though, do not expect anything similar on this blog, as I am neither a professional photographer nor do I have an incredible wardrobe like that. Also, I found some pics here done by Bryan of his wife, and here by Megan. Megan even put up yummy recipes to go with the produce that she used to compare with baby. I think that’s great, what ARE you going to do once the baby starts becoming the size of a different squash variety every week? *lol*
If you know of any other fun belly pic series, let me know in the comment box and I’ll make sure to link them as well! 🙂

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