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Week 19 – The Savoy Cabbage

Oooooh, doesn’t that sound fancy? Savoy cabbage…never heard the name before, but again, its plus-or-minus 15.2ish cm arrived in the organic veggie box we receive, so there we go. 😉 Just in case you wondered, we like to eat it with a creamy sauce and pasta, sometimes with shrimp. In case you didn’t wonder, now you know anyway. 😉
Otherwise, work has kept us both super-busy, which is why I’m behind in posting the pictures, and why this text is a bit on the short side. Also, there’s not much to write about as this pregnancy so far has been largely uneventful – I am so thankful for that! A bunch of my also-pregnant friends are suffering from hyperemesis (and I’m not even friends with THE Kate 😉 ), and just trying to imagine how they must feel day in, day out leaves me feeling very grateful for my mild three weeks of nauseau in the beginning. Still, hoping that I won’t have to pay my dues during the second half. Although, putting on socks and bending over to put on my shoes is becoming a bit difficult, so maybe I shouldn’t loudmouth so much about how easy going this is.

Again, I can’t believe how much bigger my belly is than first time around! 🙂 Granted, this week’s big ‘n round vegetable in comparison to last week’s rather skinny St. Nick looks as though the baby has fattened up quite a bit, but after it arrived in the food box, I was not going to go search for more food of the right size.

I already peeked ahead at next week, and seems that things get a bit wild. Baby is then no longer measured from head-to-rump, but from head-to-toe, which almost instantly adds on 9 cm. Never noticed that before, but this will open up a whole wide variety of foods to go bellypicturing with! 😀



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