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Week 16 – The Potato

Fall is coming to an end, and I was really hoping for some nice colored leaves against which to backdrop this week’s food-n-belly shoot. We lucked out, although the sun has gone missing for a few days. I have to admit that finding an 11.5 cm object that looks somewhat attractive draped over my belly is proving difficult, and at the time of writing this post I haven’t gotten any further. We mostly get our fruit and veggies delivered to our door step from a regional organic farm, and since we are wayyyy past the brussel sprout stage, but not yet at the winter squash stage, I may have to hit the supermarket tomorrow armed with a ruler to freak out some other shoppers on my 11.5-cm-food-hunting-quest. 😉
Work and life has us pretty busy, as well as the awesome freakfest of germs DD brings home from kindergarten, but I try to squeeze in a few minutes each day to say hi to Baby Nr. 2. We were thinking we might want to be surprised by the boy-or-girl question at birth, but I don’t think I’ll last til May. 😉 Since our gut feeling was totally off last time, we are putting our money on different horses this time around. I’m going for boy, DH is going for girl. That way, at least one of us is right and gets to rub it in the other’s face. 😉 DD firmly and confidently announces it will be a “baby boy” when we ask her, but that could be biased because all the small babies she knows are boys. 😀

I can still button up my jeans, so I have absolutely no idea what was going on in Week 10 were I was freaking out because I had to close my pants with a rubber band so early. Hoping I’ll make it through the winter season without having to buy too much stuff. Also, we had our first midwife appointment this week. We absolutely love her, and are thrilled to be able to experience another birth with her (keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well). Plus, having your check-ups done at the birthing centre with almost no waiting time in a comfy atmosphere beats hanging out for 2 hours in the waiting room on really pretty but incredibly uncomfortable chairs at the OB’s office. Oh, and add a toddler for the fun of it. We are nevertheless very happy with our OB, so will alternate the check-ups back and forth between the two. Best of both worlds, and I’d really miss those antique chairs! 😉

Conveniently enough, the first thing that fell out of this week’s vegetable delivery was a potato. A 11.5 cm potato, to be exact. Admittedly, it’s rather boring-looking, but that’s what yellow fall leaves are for, right? 😉 Plus, this is a tribute to the partly German genes, and as I can neither see myself balancing a bottle of beer on my belly nor 11.5 cm worth of sauerkraut, potato it is. 😉

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