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Week 17 – The Pear

12.7 cm, oh my! 😀 I think this is pretty crazy, but just like last week, I open our organic food box, and find two gigantonormous pears. One of them sized exactly 12.7 cm! During the past weeks they were tiny and more bite-sized, but I guess someone decided this was meant to be the food for the week. 🙂

This week has been mostly uneventful. Although, I do have this incredible urge to nest, and am driving DH insane with my need to organize stuff around the house (crazy pregnancy hormones do that to you 😉 ). The fact that he is a lark while I am an owl only makes things worse, as I start thinking up fun projects such as “Why don’t we get the ladder from the basement so we can finally change the batteries in the smoke detectors?”preferably at 10:30 pm. This translates to 1:30 am on my time, and yes, I understand why I get these flat-eyed blank stares rather than excited shouts of “Oh yay, let’s go do that right now!” Luckily, the ladder is not very heavy, and I’m not very pregnant yet, so I can still do stuff like that myself. 😉 He did climb up the ladder, so brownie points for that! 😀

Skin-tight jeans are becoming more difficult, so I’ll really need to check out some maternity wear for short people. Tipps, anyone?



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